An important feature for each Self Storage site, is the level of security used. Boxwatcher® is an uniqually patented product, specially developed for Self Storage. No other system can offer such a guarantee that goods will be stored safely.

In addition to our access control and security systems, camera surveillance, alarm and fire systems, it is possible to offer your customers boxes with individual security.


Passive Infrared Reporter

Boxwatcher® works with PIR (Passive Infrared) and registers each movement in a secured box. Burglary via the side or the top of a box is impossible. Boxwatcher® also reacts to any types of sabotage.

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Quick installation

The Boxwatcher® is installed quickly and simply: it takes 10 times less time than to install a door-contact system. Boxwatcher® is even quicker to install when a box has been rented-out and access to the box can’t be obtained.

SC Access

Boxwatcher® is fully integrated with our SC Access software. A box’s alarm is deactivated as soon as the hirer enters the building using his access code(s), and is automatically re-activated once the box has been vacated.

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SC Access (Click on the image to enlarge)

Three-phase alarm

In combination SC Access, it is possible to set three different alarm levels with required actions.
For example: Alarm one. On detecting movement in the box, a siren sounds for 30 seconds. If further movements are detected within one minute, the Boxwatcher® moves up to phase two. The siren will sound again for 30 seconds and the self-storage operator will be notified. Phase three begins if further movement is detected within two minutes. If required, in addition to the siren, the burglary alarm can be activated and the a security company can be notified. The siren is situated on the front of the CB150 cabinet as seen below.

Selfstorage security cb150

*CB 150 cabinet

E-mail/sms notification

E-mails with relevant details, such as unit numbers and customer names can be sent automatically at each alarm phase. The Manager and/or Security Guard will then be kept informed of the necessary details and will know secuirty details before going to the self storage facility

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