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Access control

Keypads are SC Solution’s main access control devices. These devices provide an easy, durable and faultless access control system.

SC Software

SC Solution’s software packages are specially developed for the self-storage market. It allows self-storage operators to have a much better insight in their facility.

Self-storage security

An important feature for each Self Storage site, is the level of security used. Our uniqually patented products are specially developed for Self Storage. No other systems can offer such guarantees that goods will be stored safely.

Storage Control Solutions

Expert in the field of access control and security systems for the European self-storage market.
We are the only European company in Self-storage that designs, manufactures and installs it's own solutions.

SC Solutions is a Dutch company, situated in Zaandam, The netherlands, near the capital Amsterdam. Our company, has distinguished itself into a reliable specialist in the field of access control and security systems, for the European self-storage market. We offer high end solutions trough customer focus, flexibility, professionalism and accessibility at affordable rates. Our strengths lie in the combination of hardware and software. This allows us to personalize and specialise our solutions for every individual client. Because of this, it is possible to fully control, access, protect and steer every aspect of your self-storage facility, centrally and remotely.

SC Solutions

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